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Some of our favorite pictures and videos from the farm

Our Corn was Val High by the 4th of July


Olaf and Oliver as little pigs

Dinner Time for the Broilers.jpg

Dinner Time for the baby Cornish Cross Chicks


A Friend Like No Other

Duke is our faithful Plott Hound that has been in our family since 2008.  He is about 16 years old which in doggie years is 112.  He don't move as fast as he used to, but he never leaves my wife, Valerie's side.  He is a dearly loved member of the Kisamore family!


Best of Friends

Duke and Valerie


Ready for Work!

With her straw hat, mask, oxygen machine, and knee pads, Val is ready for work in the garden on a very hot summer day.

I married Wonder Woman

My Hero!

Earlier this spring, Valerie was determined to plant as much of the garden as she could by herself.  Despite her need for oxygen and a walker, she pushes through and gets the job done.  As an FYI, the corn Val is standing in from a previous picture is what she is planting in this video.

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